Female Founders Interview with Renée Elliott and Roberta Lucca

In this female founders interview at Huckletree, we sat down with Renée and Roberta to hear all about their journey to building bigger and bolder businesses. To follow-up on the tips they gave out at our PowerWomen Chat, check out the event recap here!   What did you want to […]

Female Founders Interview with Tina Lobondi and Kristy Emery

We’ve already recapped this month’s PowerWomen Chat on the Business of Fashion here, but in our female founders interview at Huckletree we got the chance to hear directly from Tina and Kristy about their industry breakthroughs and how they used fashion to create their own voice.   What did you want […]

PowerWomen Chat on the Business of Fashion

As part of our PowerWomen Chat series at Huckletree, this month we focused on the Business of Fashion. Buyers and investors in the fashion industry are almost always looking for the latest trends, and for designers this means constantly pushing the envelope and searching for new ways to build their […]

PowerWomen Chat on Fundraising for Early Startups

This week marked our second PowerWomen Chat. We sat down with two female entrepreneurs to learn the ropes of Fundraising for Early Stage Startups. What’s a good amount to raise? How to find the right investor? These two PowerWomen, one a business owner and the other an investor, share their […]

PowerWomen Chat on Impact Investing

This month we kicked off our PowerWomen Chat event series, which will feature up close and personal conversations with leading women in entrepreneurship, business, and investment. Our topic for this month was Impact Investing. What really is impact? How do we find the right impact investors? These two women share […]