Dear Female Founder: 66 Letters of Advice from Women Entrepreneurs Who Made $1 Billion in Revenue



When people think of top entrepreneurs, they typically think of Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk. But what about the women who have achieved great things?

We decided something had to be done about this and selected 66 trailblazing female entrepreneurs from around the world to be put into the spotlight. Some of them you will know from the media, while others you might have never heard of.

It might surprise you to hear that they have generated more than $1 billion in revenue.  

“Dear Female Founder” is a unique book based on one simple question:

If successful female entrepreneurs and investors wrote a letter of advice to the next generation of female entrepreneurs – what would they write about?

In the book, you will find invaluable insights from these 66 inspirational women sharing business advice they wished someone had told them when they started out. 




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Dear Female Founder,

These 66 women have made over $1 billion in revenue altogether.

Each of them has written a letter to you.

Imagine what you could learn from them?


01-Alex Depledge 02-Gina Bianchini 03-Alexandra Greenhill
04-Christina Richardson  05-Nisa Amoils06-Nadezhda Robinson
51-Nancy Fechnay 08-Rachel Lichte 09-Hephzi Pemberton
07-Paulina Sygulska 10-Lauren Klein 11-Agnieszka Nazaruk
12-Danae Ringelmann 13-Anna Alex 14-Anne Ravanona
15-Shefaly Yogendra 16-Alexandra Gamarra 17-Jude Ower
18-Leila Hoballah 19-Bryony Cooper 20-Kathariina Rantanen
21-Judy Liu 22-Kinga Jentetics 23-Roberta Lucca
24-Servane Mouazan 25-Veronika Linardi 26-Nadine Sinclair
27-Heidi Lindvall 28-Sharmadean Reid 29-Pearl Chan
30-Therese Gedda 32-Sarah McVittie 31-Anna Guenther
33-Mirna Sanchez 34-Kasia Gospos 35-Tiffany Willson
36-Charlotte Pearce 37-Gabriela Hersham 37-Yosha Gupta
39-Vana Koutsomitis 40-Iru Wang 41-Hanna Aase
42-Pocket Sun 43-Helene Panzarino 44-Kelly Keenan Trumphour
45-Irra Ariella Khi 46-Alice Bentick 47-Heather Russell
48-MoJen Jenkins 49-Narkis Alon 50-Debbie Wosskow
52-Nur Alfayez 53-Reeshma Sohoni 54-Tia Kansara
58-Sarah Nadav 59-Priscilla Elora Sharuk 60-Renata George
57-Julia Jacobson 56-Alyssa MacDonald-Baertl 55-Tine Thygesen
61-Lisa Goodchild 62-Natasha Tiwari 64-Chanyu Xu
63-Sarah Kunst 65-Kristina Naruseviciute  66-Toni Lane Casserly